Love is a miraculous force that helps the parents of sick children focus on the beauty of their children’s lives and keeps the flame of hope for a cure alive, Pope Francis told an Italian couple and a group of their supporters.

Members of the group, known as “Una Vita Rara” (“A Rare Life”), had just completed a relay run of more than 430 miles to Rome from Monticelli Brusati in northern Italy to raise awareness about Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome.

Davide Boniotti, the son of Rosita and Giorgio Boniotti, was diagnosed with the syndrome 15 years ago, when he was less than one month old.

Pope Francis’ meeting April 30 with Davide, his parents and about 60 supporters came just two days after he addressed hundreds of renowned researchers, physicians, health care executives and entertainers attending a three-day conference about new medical technology, the future of medicine and practical steps to promote health and health care treatment around the world.


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